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Group subsidiaries:IDEAL | ELLIQUENCE


  • Strategy Committee

    Mr. Jay Qin, Mr. Yuan Zheng and Mr. Yu Chenglei are members of the Strategy Committee. Mr. Jay Qin serves as the chairman.

  • Nomination Committee

    The Nomination Committee offers proposal to the board about the scale and composition of the board according to the company’s business activities, asset scale and ownership structure.

  • Remuneration and Appraisal Committee

    The Remuneration and Appraisal Committee formulates remuneration policies, plans and programs of the directors and the senior executives according to the main scopes, duties, importance and the remuneration level of relevant positions in other relevant enterprises.

  • Audit Committee

    (一)Monitoring hiring or changing external audit institution;

    (二)Overseeing the internal audit policy and its implementation;

    (三)Communication and coordination between internal and external auditors;

    (四)Monitoring the financial reporting and disclosure process;

    (五)Monitoring the internal control policy and auditing important related-party transaction;

    (六)Other duties authorized by the board.